About Us

CyberCupid Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong corporation that offers a portal for persons from around the world and from within China to purchase flowers or gifts for anyone they know within Mainland China. While we are primarily focused on persons with a romantic interest in a resident of China we¡¯re also the perfect portal for sending something special to a friend or family member who is in China and celebrating a special day, needing some cheering up or just being sorely missed.

We guarantee that the product will be delivered to the address provided by the sender or we will provide a full refund. And we do all of our credit card processing through PayDollar, one of the most trusted credit card processors in Asia. See details of terms, pricing and delivery under Shipping and Terms on the Home Page upper menu.

No matter where you are in the world, CyberCupid Co. makes it easy for you to Enchant Your Loved One in China!

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